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Although our office is in downtown Salt Lake City, our behavioral therapists serve all of the surrounding areas. This is important because often times ABA therapy is performed in the home. Our ABA therapy services extend as far South as the point of the mountain, and as far west as Tooele.  Our Orem office services Utah County, and our Layton office services Davis County. Call today to see if we have behavioral therapists in your neighborhood.

Meet Our Salt Lake City Team

Dr Natalie Roth, PhD

Director of Clinical Operations & Utah Clinical Director

Dr. Natalie Roth, PhD (2001; Fuller) is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist specializing in particularly in childhood neurodevelopment delays. Dr. Roth grew up in Utah and attended the University of Utah. She graduated from the APA approved psychology program at Fuller Theological Seminary following practicum experience at the University of Southern California and an internship at St. John’s Child Development Center in Santa Monica, California. She and her husband returned to the mountains and lifestyle of Salt Lake City in 2002.

Maren J. M.Ed., BCBA

Utah Regional Director

BA: Utah State University; M.Ed.: Arizona State University

“I have been involved in the field of ABA since 2004, and it has evolved so much. The field’s growth and development means that as a provider, I am constantly motivated to improve my skill sets and knowledge. It is very exciting to see the impact of ABA in the communities we serve.”


Nicole M. BCBA, LBA, M.S.Ed.

ABA Clinical Director

BA: University of Utah, MA: University of West Florida 

 I chose this industry because I want to help children and families reach their fullest potentials. I love seeing a child develop and achieve milestones parents never thought were possible. The progress I see within my patients is the reason I come into work each day. The growth of this field is very exciting, the ability to support more families and patients as the field grows is very exciting to be a part of. “


Kristyn P., M.Ed, BCBA, LBA, PhD Candidate

Assistant Director

BS: University of Utah, M.Ed: Arizona State University, In Progress PhD at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

When I was a teenager, a family friend had a son diagnosed with autism. While I didn’t have experience with kids other than him, we really connected, so when I turned 19 I went to the ABA clinic we attended and asked for a job. I had no idea what they did there, but I fell in love and haven’t done anything else since! “


Joshua K. MS BCBA

Assistant Director Training

BA Ashford University, MA Kaplan University

“I love that there are so many elements to what I do as an Assistant Director. Not only do I get the opportunity to work with clients and watch their progress, but I also get to work with staff and watch their progress as well. It is amazing to watch their growth and help them develop into strong professionals in this field.”


Elizabeth B., M.Ed., BCBA


Originally from Virginia, Elizabeth has spent eight years in the autism field. She studied music in her undergrad, received her Masters in Special Education in 2015, and her BCBA in 2017. She is thrilled to be part of ABS and is fueled by seeing just how much our clients are capable of. She loves working with families, baking, and 90% of Disney soundtracks.


Meghan T, BCBA

Senior Consultant 

BS: Truman State University MAT: Columbia College

Each child that we work with is so unique. I love being able to develop creative and fun ways to help each child develop new skills and meet their goals. Seeing the kids make progress toward their goals is the best part of my job. 


Andy S., M.Ed., M.S., ACMHC, BCBA


Andy joined ABS in 2014 and has been working with children with Autism and developmental disabilities for over 10 years. He earned a BA in psychology from Carleton College and a MEd in Sport Psychology from Boston University. I like what I do because I can help our clients and their families build the skills to create positive changes in their lives.” When Andy is not working he loves hiking, skiing and snowboarding in Utah’s mountains and spending time with his family and their three dogs.


Rayl S., MS, LBA, BCBA

Senior Consultant

BA- University of Puget Sound MS- University of North Dakota 

“Neurodiversity requires that we strive for more effective and diverse forms of communication. In my work, I endeavor to bridge the communication barriers between people- to support children, adolescents, and their families in learning how to communicate successfully. “

Amanda T., M.Ed., BCBA


Amanda attended Brigham Young University where she obtained her Bachelors of Science in Special Education. She taught in an Autism Unit for four years in both an elementary and secondary setting. In 2018, Amanda received her Masters in Education and became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). Her life’s passion is helping others and finds it so rewarding to see others learn and grow.


Cameron H., MA, MEd, BCBA, LBA

Senior Consultant

B.A.:  University of Utah; M.A.:  Westminster College; M.Ed.:  Arizona State

“I am most interested in exploring and expanding the research-based methodologies of ABA and their applications to our clients’ well-being.”


Richard J. R. M.E.d., M.A, BCBA, LBA


Richard Has been working in the Field of ABA for over 11 years. He first Graduated with a Masters in Educational Assessment and Evaluation. He then, later on, went on to Graduate with his Masters in Applied Behavior Analysis with an emphasis in Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Courtney G., MA, BCBA


I have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, and a Master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) from Ball State University. I have been working with individuals diagnosed with autism for almost 3 years. Most of my experience is with children ages 4-9, but I also have limited experience with older individuals.  I love the hands-on approach ABA offers and seeing the progress the individuals make on a day-to-day basis. I appreciate how the field of ABA is continuously expanding and evolving to find the best methods and approaches to helping individuals in need. 


Jr. Consultant

BS, Child Development, BYU-IDAHO  MS, Behavior Analysis, National University

“I chose the field of behavior analysis because I love working with kids and families and helping them grow and develop. It’s so rewarding to see families understand behavior and how to make changes in their lives to make improvements in their daily lives. When I see children developing and family relationships improving, I know that I am doing my best work. “


Amy I., MA, OTR/L

Occupational Therapist

Amy received her MA in Occupational Therapy from the University of Southern California in 2015 with a focus on Neuro Rehabilitation and Behavioral Health. She has prior experience collaborating with children in the creative arts and has specifically enjoyed working with children with physical disabilities, sensory processing challenges, and learning disabilities both abroad and in her local community. In her spare time Amy enjoys exploring the Utah wilderness and painting. She feels privileged to work with such a great team and enjoys serving the children and families she encounters here at ABS.


Joel M., MS, OT

Occupational Therapist

Joel Manwill received his Bachelors of Science in Psychology from the University of Utah in 1996. He then received his Master of Science in Occupational Therapy from Washington University in St. Louis in 1999. Joel has extensive experience and continuing education in pediatric Occupational Therapy services. He has worked in pediatric therapy settings including school based OT, early intervention, public health, and private therapy. Joel has been happily married for 23 years and whenever possible you will find him hanging out with his wife and seven children.


Dr. Chuck Edgington, PhD

 Licensed Clinical Child Neuropsychologist

BS – University of Utah, MS, Ph.D. – Oklahoma State University 

“I very much enjoy working with both children and families in a way that helps them feel comfortable with and confident in the evaluation process and the results and conclusions from the evaluation. I have succeeded when parents leave with a new perspective and new information that helps them better understand the child’s needs and take action that improves the life of the child and the whole family. “


Dawn G., MS, SLP

Speech / Language Pathologist

Dawn Gummersall earned her M.S. in Speech/Language Pathology from Utah State University in 1995. She completed her clinical studies and then began her career at Primary Children’s Medical Center, in Salt Lake City, Utah. She has been practicing in a variety of home/community/office/school settings, helping children and teens and their families. Dawn’s recent continuing education has included university coursework in Applied Behavior Analysis, which gives her a unique perspective in providing and contributing to collaborative services within the multi-disciplinary team at ABS.


Shelby B. MS, BCaBA

BA: Utah State University, MS: National University

Junior Consultant

“This field excites me because of the unlimited potential that ABA has to offer to every person we work with!  ABA can help them accomplish many goals in a short amount of time.  We are helping to make it so that they are living a more fulfilling life instead of just getting through the day. “


Chelsea T. BCaBA

Junior Consultant

BA: University of Utah. Currently pursuing an MA through Arizona State University.

I love working one-on-one with children. I think that it is so beneficial for mastery and it’s so exciting to watch them make progress so quickly when they have this support. I’m so excited to continue working in ABA and helping our clients to master goals in an environment that’s so conducive to their learning.”


Hannah, S. MS, BCaBA

Junior Consultant 

BA- Utah State University, MA- currently in progress at Ball State University

“I decided to go into this field while I was in college. I originally wanted to become a speech therapist and got my bachelors degree in Communicative Disorders but I changed my mind when I started working at a preschool for kids with Autism. I learned what ABA therapy was and I loved it so much that I changed my career path. I’m glad I made this decision because I can still help kids with speech and communication while also teaching them skills to help improve their quality of life. “


Courtney S., MOT, OTR/L

Pediatric Occupational Therapist

University of North Dakota

“I chose Occupational Therapy because I love working with children and the classes that interested me the most were the pre-requisites for the program.  I love how holistic OT is, and how the variety of work settings.”

Leah R. MA, BCBA

Junior Consultant 

BA: University California San Diego, MA: National University 

I am excited to be a part of the field of Applied Behavior Analysis because it is ever-changing. The research constantly being conducted and improvements being made all the time makes the work constantly gratifying and challenging at the same time. I love having the opportunity to get to know families (all members) and be a part of a positive change in their everyday lives. Kids bring an unmatched sense of imagination and curiosity that makes my job so exciting!


Angella S. M. Ed., BCBA

Senior Consultant

BS from University of Phoenix, M.Ed. from ASU

I chose to go into ABA after raising my child who is on the Autism Spectrum.  I always felt that early intervention was the key and by working as a BCBA I am able to provide this to our families.  I love to see the success our clients make as they learn and grow through ABA.

Nicole B. MS. BCBA

Junior Consultant

BS From Westminster College in Salt Lake City, MS ABA from National University in San Diego, CA. 

I was nannying some children with disabilities and knew I would like to do more of what I could to help them. I love my job because there are so many parts of helping families and our kids to be successful and feel supported that makes me happy. I love this field because it is growing and becoming more widely known meaning we are able to serve more kids and families that need our services. 



Junior Consultant

BA: University of Utah, MS: National University

I am most excited when I get to see a kid emerge with a new, pivotal skill that they didn’t have before. Sometimes these skills are in themselves small, but indicate a great potential for learning and development. Hearing a child imitate sounds for the first time or try a novel activity and find it to be reinforcing is what sparks excitement in my day.  


Tatum W., M.A., BCBA

Senior Consultant

BA: Utah State University, MA:  California State University, Fresno

An aspect that excites me about this field is teaching daily living skills to my clients.  I love to watch a client independently complete a skill that they previously needed help with because these are skills they will use for the rest of their lives!  Helping them complete their own self-care routines empowers them to become more independent in their own environments and shows the client and their family just what they are capable of!


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