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How We Advocate For The Autism Community

ABS lobbies in support of universal ABA coverage, ASD rights, and community inclusion both on a local and national level.

Member of the Council of Autism Service Providers

Membership on this council means that the leaders at ABS have the opportunity to collaborate with other member organizations and work together to promote important regulatory, or legal issues in the field.

[UT] Autism Treatment Account Fund Committee Member / Chair

President, Jeff Skibitsky worked on one component of the three-tier process for the Autism Pilot that led to the legislative reform in Utah requiring ABA Therapy to be covered by insurance agencies in this state.

[UT] Pathfinder Solutions Advisory Board Member

President, Jeff Skibitsky provided clinical practice insight in the development of practice management software. This software helps make tracking, and communicating ABA Therapy results to families as simple as possible.

[UT] National Coalition for Access to Autism Services Founding Member

President, Jeff Skibisky worked as a provider group on the guiding of access to care and quality care initiatives. We strive to provide high-quality services to children and their families.

[UT] Critical Issues Conference Planning Committee Member

President, Jeff Skibisky served as a committee member to help develop a conference track specifically surrounding criticial issues for the autism community.

[CA] Autism Society of Ventura County

Scott Revlin is a current board member of the ASVC and works to promote autism awareness and access to treatment.

[UT] Utah Parent Center Board Member

President, Jeff Skibistky is focused on working with parents to assure that they have the information necessary to make decisions for their child with developmental delays.

Authorized Continuing Education Provider

ABS has been authorized as a provider of Type 11 continuing education by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board, Inc.