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To ABS Families, 

Covid-19 has created significant disruptions for many children with Autism and their families. Many of you have been impacted by changes to routine, school closures, temporary quarantines, and differing procedures in the community. ABS is here to help. 

We encourage you to lean on your behavior intervention team and dedicated Behavior Analyst to help form routines that will assist you and your family through these uncertain times. Staying as consistent as possible and making sure your child receives the appropriate level of care can help them stay on track towards meeting their goals as well as create stability which benefits the entire family. 

As always, the safety of our staff, the children we treat, and their families is always at the forefront of our minds. ABS follows all state and CDC guidelines. We have taken steps to modify ABA treatment plans to comply with these regulations and significantly limit the risk of exposure while providing consistent care to the families we serve. Learn more about our safety precautions here. 

Tips on how to help your child meet their goals during Covid-19: 

  • Know what your child’s education options are and get the most out of them!  School closures, schedule changes and unpredictability can significantly interrupt a child’s education. When it comes to helping children with Autism learn, consistency is key. If your child’s current education plan isn’t consistent, rely on your Behavior Analyst to help find a solution that will work best for your child and family. 
  • Access the appropriate level of care and maintain that care. Whether you’re receiving ABA therapy in the home or within the ABA therapy center, it’s important to continuously follow the treatment plan outlined by your dedicated Behavior Analyst and pediatrician. Accessing the prescribed level of care creates consistency and is clinically proven to help children meet their goals. Maximize your child’s progress by taking full advantage of their prescribed ABA therapy treatment plan.

What are your child’s education options? 

  1. ABA therapy + In-School Learning 

If your school district has announced that they will host in-person learning, then they may have also put requirements in place for children to wear masks, stay 6 ft apart, etc. Your dedicated Behavior Analyst may suggest adjusting your child’s individualized ABA therapy program to improve compliance with mask-wearing, hand washing, and social distancing. 

  1. ABA Therapy + In-Home Learning 

Many school districts have provided the option to attend K12 / Special Education learning from home. ABA therapy can be used to help your child adhere to their educational learning plan provided by the state. Having a dedicated behavior technician in the home consistently may help your child stay on track with their learning goals and maintain a routine. Home-based ABA therapy teams have been reduced to limit the number of behavior technicians in your home to reduce risk of exposure to Covid-19 while maintaining an ABA therapy program. 

  1. “Full-Time” ABA Therapy
  • For younger children on the Autism spectrum, this is an opportune time to take full advantage of their prescribed ABA therapy program. Ask your dedicated Behavior Analyst if your child is receiving all of the prescribed and authorized ABA therapy hours they are able to access.
  • Ask about availability for Center-based ABA therapy services. Center-based services may provide more flexibility for families. ABS ABA Therapy centers comply with CDC guidelines. 
  • Full-time ABA therapy programs are an excellent way to provide a learning environment custom-tailored to your child with Autism.

We are dedicated to helping caregivers create environments for their children to thrive and make progress toward their goals. Together we can create a plan customized to your family’s needs to help maintain consistency and appropriate levels of care. We are here for you and can help identify the resources to help your child during these turbulent times.


Thank you for being a part of the ABS family.